@InfoOpsHQ live tweeting of #SydneySiege

CEO @NicoleMatejic who is based in Melbourne, Australia followed the Siege in Sydney from the beginning to provide you with VERIFIED facts in the face of overwhelming conjecture in media reporting. She also provided insights into why the Police were taking particular tactics with regards to information dissemination.

  • The Vine App was used extensively by the media to break news as-it-happened
  • Australian media stayed in their lane, reporting inline with NSW Police Force Command requests to with-hold certain information
  • The Australian social media community self moderated quickly when called to action in the taking down and reporting of the videos posted of hostages on YouTube (YouTube also very quick to take these videos down).

You can view the entire tweet stream here on Storify [WARNING video contains confronting imagery]:


Information about the gunman – self styled Iranian Islamic Cleric – Man Haron Monis can be found here.

~ Nicole