Info Ops HQ is a civil-military think-do tank that works in the social media, information operations and public diplomacy environment to build glocal capabilities.

We specialise in:

  • Media Intelligence
  • Leadership in Civil-Military Information Operations
  • OSINT and SOCMINT training and
  • Regional capability development (APAC)

We also run active research programs and provide Governments, Militaries and Law Enforcement Agencies with advisory expertise.


Using big data methodologies to analyse OSINT and SOCMINT, we provide media intelligence  based research to a range of organisations. We will also use this information as the basis of our research to demonstrate the correlation between media reporting and it’s effects on national policy, information and psychological warfare; and how it can be combatted.


Through direct-action (think-do) initiatives, Info Ops HQ will assist practitioners in foreign, national security, peace keeping and allied policy areas navigate the information warfare spectrum; through crises, emergencies and war; both domestic and foreign.

Info Ops HQ develops resilience strategies in the information warfare environment at all levels while promoting a proactive approach to information investment to combat new and long standing glocal challenges.


Info Ops HQ offers specialised training in the following areas:

• Building Social Cohesion and Resilience using Social Media

• Information Warfare

• Understanding social media’s role in jihadism and countering violent extremism

• OSINT / SOCMINT / PSYOPS and social media

• Social and online media data for crises and operational planning

• Using social media for public diplomacy



Info Ops HQ CEO Nicole Matejic is an internationally recognised military, intelligence and law enforcement information operations and public diplomacy specialist. Together with her team of civil and ex-military, intelligence and law enforcement advisers, we provide high level strategic advice in the following areas:

• Information Warfare

• Information and Psychological Operations

• Counter Terrorism

• Countering Violent Extremism

• Public Diplomacy

• Training Systems

• Public Affairs


Working with Australasian-Pacific partners, NATO and it’s allies Info Ops HQ provides training and advisory services (strategic and tactical) to decision makers and in-the-field operators to cultivate a positive, proactive change toward managing the information warfare environment; and using big data media intelligence led tools to research and inform current and future trends.


Info Ops HQ are experts in OSINT and SOCMINT research. Currently researching Australian Foreign Fighters we will be circulating our findings to key stakeholders in the future. If you would like to receive our publications please get in touch.